Prams- Everything To Consider

When it comes to the use of prams (strollers), there are factors to consider that overlook a personal brand preference for the buyer. Convenience being one of the main factors to idealize on the product. If you look back to the earlier prams, they consisted mainly of bassinets and lay flat carriages for the child. However, with the growth of the child, there is a growth of the need to explore and see the world around them. With that, you are looking to explore the options of other prams that allow an upright seating which can cause you to consider more than just the purchase of a new one. You have to ensure that you are within your age/weight limits of care seats that are compatible for your car.

With several brands on the market such as; Bugaboo, Hauck, Hartan, Chicco, and many more, you are left not only price shopping but fundamental and feature studying. You can invest in one single pram that covers the stages of the baby’s growth through travel, Bassinet, upright sitting, and self-sustaining sit positions. Some of these prams also double as car seats or offer adapters for car seats to create an easier transition from car to carrier or vice versa.

The Combi Stroller is a great choice when it comes to this decision. Not just for the pricing that they offer for the products, or the features, but because when you are considering a change of vehicles in the future their product offers a compatibility with multiple different vehicles as well as adapters when needed.

The use of a stroller itself is an ease for the parent to go about their day to day life without much hassle. When considering a stroller for your child you should be looking at the safety testing, price ranges, materials used, as well as practicality in use with the functions and features. It should be easily stowed and assembled. It is always wise to by a single use pram in order to ensure that you will not have to make multiple buys in the future for your babies travel through the park.

Other features to consider while looking to buy are brakes for the wheels, are the brakes easily triggered and accessible to the parent? Do they limit movement or completely prevent it? Will the baby or child be able to disable the breaks on accident? Some strollers offer breaks on the handles, others stick with the old fashion foot lock brakes that prevent the movement of the wheels all together.

The seat belt of a pram is very vital; you want it to sit comfortably but firmly with the child without obstructing airway or causing any issues in sudden stopping moments. 5-point seat belts and harness styles straps are recommended in these settings to ensure the child’s safety and well-being while helping the parent maintain peace of mind that their child is secure.

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