Diono Car Seat Reviews

Personally, I grew up during a period when car seats had not yet been heard of, in fact, there were no laws at that time making it mandatory to buckle up in the back seat. Those days are now in the past, and parents of today have to debate on which of the car seats is the right one. They take into account factors such as how easy it is to use, its comfort, innovation, and especially its security.

I am glad to be able to tell you about the Diono Monterey 2 child safety car seat. This car seat has passed major product testing with great results, and been awarded several awards. I was very excited with Diono’s Starry-Night sunshade protection blinds. For more reviews on the Diono car seats go to diono car seat reviews.

This car seat has six wonderful colors to choose from, so whether it is a boy, or a girl, or both choosing colors will be easier for you. The Diono car seat is hand washable and lets you air dry if you want to. The seat can be changed up quickly, is non-slip proof due to its design consisting of the Isofix system. It has good quality cup holders on both sides of the seat, which are designed with extra depth for more durability.

  • Those long drives will be more comfortable because its designed with foam padding through the AirTek process. This car seat is a little bit wider than other ones.
  • The Diono Monterey 2 has been designed for 3 to 12-year-old children that weight up to 36kg, with adjustable width and height. It also allows the backrest to adjust in its width by a button, as well as the head rest being adjustable.
  • Reinforced sides, with a head rest which is padded with EPS foam.
  • Adjustable side guides, with expandable seat to fit shoulder widths up to 50.8cm.
  • It has an angled and reinforced seat, preventing the child from sliding under the seat (Submarining).
  • Uses the Isofix System, making the installation safer.
  • Growing with- suitable for children from 15 kg to 36 kg
    Designed with AirTek ™ foam for more comfort during travel, and offers all around padding, with optimum air permeability.
  • The height adjusts up to 16.5cm, with a mentor adjustable headrest.
  • Has a two-way adjustable back position for optimal comfort.
  • It has beveled sides and is suitable for all stages of growth.
  • Two retractable Cup holder with extra depth.
  • Extended seat with comfortable padding provides optimal support for legs

I am thrilled with my Diono Monterey 2 car seat. This car seat ranges from 114 euros and up in stores, as well as on the internet, and believe me, it is well worth it.