Britax Go Baby Stroller

This stroller was designed using a well-planned and clear design that makes it visually appealing, but also safe for your child. It is StiftungWarentest certified, meaning you can place your trust in it to be free from toxins. This is why the Britax Go is the favorite for many parents when it comes to strollers.

Pros and Cons

The Britax Go offers a quick and easy folding system to allow you to quickly get your stroller prepared for travel. It has a high seat position, making it easy to place your baby in and comfortable for the child. The workmanship is high-quality, which has won over many parents. However, when it comes to the options of the Britax Go, it only has a few options.

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Britax Go stroller is a designer stroller developed by BritaxRomer, a British-German company. The mission statement of the manufacturer is that ‘the stroller is for parents that do not want to choose between practical and style’. It would seem that the Britax was provided the ‘Good’ verdict by StiftungWarentet in the February 2015 issue, receiving an overall 2.4 score as the winner.

The first thing we notice with the Britax Go is that there are no prams. As attachments are optional, the stroller is suitable to be used for standard travel only, and the design is great for children who are barely able to sit up on their own. According to the manufacturer, for ages 6 months and up, but this does vary between children. The Carrycot is also optional, but makes it suitable for infants as well. It is also compatible with any BritaxRomer car seat.

For parents looking for the all exclusive optional package, Baby-Walz is providing a special package called the Britax Go Next, which includes the baby bathtub and car seat with the stroller. Other retailers are selling these separately.

Matching Britax Go, Stroller and Carrycot

It is no coincidence about the design of the Scandinavian Britax design, as the stroller was designed in Sweden. Daily usage was a high priority area, with careful attention to detail. The folding mechanism allows for quick storing and space saving.

The higher positioned seating allows for younger children to easily be placed without having to bend over. This avoids hurting the back of parents. The other children are able to use an elevated position to get in and out independently. While the seat must stay positioned facing the travel direction, the backrest is adjustable. 17kg is the maximum weight limit for children, which the manufacturer claims is up to 3 years.

The moveable hood offers your child protection from the sun, allows for ventilation, and looks stylish. Puncture resistant wheels ensure safe travel every time, and six color options allow for a small range of design options.

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